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Online Hypnotherapy works
It's easy to assume that Hypnotherapy can only be effective in person, however this isn't the case.  Some people actually respond far better when receiving Hypnotherapy online.

At present, Calmology operates online only, in line with Covid 19 Government guidance.

I do not read off a script.  I offer bespoke therapy, individual to each client. 


Fees are  £75 for an appointment lasting between 1 and 1.5 hours.

I am happy to work to a sliding scale for those experiencing financial difficulties.

Unlike many Therapists, I work purely on a pay-as-you-go basis.  This puts you in the driving seat of your Therapy, being able to monitor progression and financial means, along with knowing that you will only come back for necessary treatment.

It is impossible for me to say how long it will take before your anxiety is resolved.  Everyone's 'tipping point' is unique, as are the reasons for their issues.  Some people take longer to feel at ease and some open up immediately.  Please be mindful of this when booking and be aware that I treat each case as uniquely as it presents. 


Finding the right Therapist can seem daunting, however most Therapists, including myself, offer a free, no obligation phone or email consultation.  This provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions and ensure I feel the techniques I offer, are a good match for what you are wanting help with.

It can be worth contacting a couple of different Therapists to see if you 'click' with one better than another.

Often, the better the client/Therapist rapport, the more effective the treatment.

It is important that you contact me when you are feeling ready for change and really ready for help.  Without this motivation for change, progression is slower.  

I welcome you to make contact with me, Anna at CALMOLOGY 



  • Details will be held confidentially in paper and/or computer format.

  • Trained and certified in Hypnotherapy with Tim Phizackerley

  • Trained and certified in PSTEC with Tim Phizackerley

  • Insured

  • DBS checked and cleared

Disclaimer:  As stated above, every client and every case is dealt with on an individual basis, therefore your results will also be individual to you.
I only work with clients that I believe I can assist.


Seeing a Hypnotherapist is no replacement for seeking professional medical advice.  Any physical or mental/emotional ailment should be reviewed by a medical professional.  I do not offer medical advice or diagnosis. 


No therapist can claim 100% effectiveness.  Therefore, the importance of finding the correct therapy and Therapist for each individual can not be underestimated.   

It doesn't have to be like this

With the right techniques and right Therapist for you,
change can and will happen

Let's tackle this anxiety together