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Anna at Calmology

My job... is to help you.

I've been on a bit of a journey to get to where I am now.
Along the way I have learnt how to gain calm in a storm; how to quieten my constantly busy and noisy mind; how to feel contented, rather than feeling desperate or lost.
Learning how to connect with myself to remain strong and resilient, has given me inc
redible understanding and insight. 
These techniques have been used to carry me through a desperate time, when few medical professionals could acknowledge both myself and my son had serious medical conditions. 
If I hadn't have kept up the fight for help, quite possibly, my son and I wouldn't be here now.

Change can and will happen.
I'm ready and passionate to share these techniques with you, to help you find your calm, when life becomes challenging. 

  • busy brain?

  • thoughts constantly racing?

  • lost your direction and fight?

  • consumed?

  • overwhelmed?

  • feel like you can't cope?

  • feelings of panic and dread?

  • feel as though you're missing out?

  • desperate?

  • jumpy and over-react to situations?

  • feel like you don't know your own mind anymore?

  • lost connection with the real you?

  • long to feel more confident?

It doesn't have to be like this

With the right techniques and right Therapist for you,
change can and will happen

Let's tackle this anxiety together