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Anxiety is a normal fear response that we all experience from time to time.  It has its benefits such as keeping us alert and safe and motivated.  However, when anxiety becomes dominant over your life, causing you to worry about every 'what if' and prevents you from doing the things you'd love to do, it's a sure sign that things have progressed from a healthy level.  

Anxiety can make you feel jumpy and on edge, highly strung and nervous.

People with anxiety often find that they tend to think of the 'worst case scenario' in situations and it can take a lot for them to see something standard, such as swimming in the sea or going to crowded places as a relaxed and safe option.

Anxiety is caused by a thought that produces fear.  Your brain produces a thought, to which you feel fearful of, which then triggers the stress response within and the fear seems overwhelming, thus, producing physical symptoms such as sweaty palms, lack of concentration, pounding heart, mind racing.  This is your body preparing you for flight, fight or freeze.


So, is it possible to recover from anxiety?  Absolutely!  In fact, I'm living proof it can be done.  Just think, if one day a thought you had seemed so overwhelming that it caused you to experience anxiety, what makes you think a thought can't cause a positive response instead?  The answer is, that of course it can and is possible to reset our currently defaulted reactions.

"I now no longer feel like I am in a constant state of anxiety, and even better I haven't suffered from any more pain attacks!" 

H, from Hampshire

"Back in December 2021, my life was turned upside down. I had a severe case of vestibular neuritis, which caused severe chronic dizziness, which ultimately resulted in a consistent level of anxiety that went on for months/years. I’d never experienced any form of anxiety in my first 35 years and it was extremely tough to manage. Any form of stress seemed to trigger dizziness, which was the default loop my brain deferred to with any hint of stress. This eventually led to me becoming moderately depressed and often tearful.

I hadn’t given up but I was losing hope, nothing was working… I needed help desperately. A friend had initially told me about Anna but because of her competitive pricing I had ruled her out and opted for a more expensive solution. The other hypnotherapist was charging me £350 per hour but I saw no results in 2-3 sessions. I gave Anna a go in a last ditched attempt and can categorically confirm SHE HAS BEEN THE SINGLE BIGGEST FACTOR in my road to recovery. I can’t quite put my finger on it but the way in which she rationalises my emotions and implements logic into the process has enabled me to be… me. She taught me how to be softer to myself within my internal dialect and give myself a bit more grace. Today, I have the ability to be a great dad again, a great son, friend and all the things I was before getting vestibular neuritis.

I even co-founded a business in November 2022, which was stressful but via speaking to Anna regularly I’ve learnt so many techniques to managing the stress and being a good boss. As of the time of writing this, my business has 24 employees and is growing rapidly… yet without Anna I don’t believe it would have been possible, as I would have been too broken to grow and manage a team. I don’t have enough superlatives for this lady, she is amazing.


I don’t want my details to be public but please feel free to ask Anna for my details if you want to ask some questions.
C, Business Owner, London

Costs:  Online and in-person

Session lasting between 1 hour and up to 1.5 hours:  £85
NHS/Blue Light Discount:  £60


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