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Migraines are a shocker of a thing- trust me, I know!  At worst, I was housebound and bed bound for months at a time, so I do know first hand how awful living with migraine can be. That said, as crazy as it sounds, often migraines can be alleviated by therapy.  

I worked with a lovely NHS Nurse who was hospitalised with Covid-19.  It took her months to fully recover and when she did, she was left in constant migraine and with migrainous symptoms 24/7.  She didn't find success with the medications she had been offered and her Neurologist appointment was to no avail.  

After working with her for just one session, she experienced a few days where she was not only migraine-free, but also 100% symptom free.  Another two sessions and she hasn't had a migraine since.  She was back living, walking and driving and able to go back to work.

Another lady suffered migraines for over 15 years.  The week prior to seeing me, she had been hospitalised yet again, with debilitating migraine symptoms. Two sessions and she has remained completely migraine-free. 

Prior to our sessions, she also suffered high blood pressure and was taking daily prescribed medication for this.  After our sessions she was able to withdraw completely from her medications, following her doctor's advice after finding her to have normal blood pressure!

"I suffered from migraines for about 15 years.  The week prior I was even in hospital, due to my migraines and related symptoms. being so bad. Since seeing Anna, I haven't had another migraine since, and don't feel like I'm stuck with it anymore!" I, from Bristol

Costs:  Online and in-person
Individual session/pay per session £75
Three session package £210  (£70 per session)
Six session package £390  (£65 per session)


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