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I love working with teens.  In fact, my background is in teen work!

I used to work for a government organisation called Connexions.  Perhaps you remember it? 

I worked predominantly with sixteen to nineteen year old's within the community in the Connexions office, youth club and job centre.

It was my job to support teens that weren't yet ready for work or training.  I worked with teens who had an array of issues including gang culture, substance abuse, young offenders, abuse, low self esteem, homelessness, lack of confidence... the list goes on!

Occasionally I would work in schools with thirteen to school school leaver age, but the majority of the time I was based in the community.

It's fair to say that I loved this job, however, after six years there, I can honestly say, whilst I supported the youths as best I could within the tight framework I had to abide by... I don't think I helped many teens change their life for the better.  In the time I was there, I rarely noticed the young people notice a radical, positive change to their situation.  
I felt frustrated being bound by 'red tape' and so limited with the resources I had in which to work.

I always had an inkling that there was so much more I could do, to move these young people into positive destinations, happier head-spaces and confidence to continue on this right path.

I wish I knew back then what I know now. 

I wish, back then, that I had undergone the training I have now. 

I wish, back then, that I could have got amazing results for those young people.  

Working with teens now, I help them achieve great breakthroughs.  I am frequently approached by parents of teens that have completed CAMHS programmes and still feel issues are unresolved and need further extra support.

I am also approached by parents that teens have been referred to a school Counsellor, however, feel positive changes aren't being felt, or showing quickly enough in their child.

Working with teens involves trust.  I am not their parent, I am not their Counsellor, I am there to help them feel safer about their now and their future in the fastest time possible.

Costs:  Online and in-person

Session lasting between 1 hour and up to 1.5 hours:  £85
NHS/Blue Light Discount:  £60


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