Hypnotherapy in Trauma_Calmology_NewForest, Hampshire


Trauma survivors/warriors are people that I really enjoy working with.  Whether you have experienced sexual abuse, domestic violence, ill-treatment as a child, Calmology can help.  The beauty of working with trauma warriors is that they tend to notice such a difference in the way they feel, in such a short space of time (usually one session).

Whilst we can't change past events, what we can do is change how raw they feel and we can detach you from the experience somewhat.  We work together to have you feel

safer about the future and feel a level of finality to what has happened.  Compassion towards yourself helps a great deal to offer comfort and reassurance.

Whether your trauma seems big or small, taking a forward step into a safer and more empowered future can only ever be a great thing.

Hypnotherapists are used to seeing clients when they are at their wits end and have tried every other avenue, often to no avail.  People rarely seem to seek the assistance of a hypnotherapist first.  Usually, I see people after they have experienced sessions with counsellors, psychotherapists, and a myriad of other professionals, yet find that results didn't happen quickly enough. Calmology is here for you. 

"I have seen loads of counsellors, psychologists and alternative practitioners over the years, but I have never felt this good coming away from a session before" Annoymous